Top 3 Languages Employers Want You To Know

It’s not a surprise that a major way to increase the likelihood of you landing your dream job is by speaking more than one language. Globalization has been our reality for more than 10 years and what’s the best way to give yourself a competitive advantage that the business world seeks? Well, for starters, speak more than one language.

Being able to communicate with foreign partners, clients, etc in their own native language is one of the most important aspects of creating trust in those relationships. So which languages are most in demand? 

  1. Mandarin
    I remember my 10th grade teacher, Mr. Griffin telling us to start learning Mandarin then because China was going to become the biggest influencer in the world of economy. Well, he was right and, of course, I didn’t listen to his advice. 

    Fast-forward almost 15 years and China is considered 2nd in the world’s biggest economies this year. Its economy has increased by $2 trillion from 2017 to $14 trillion this year. And it is predicted to continue to grow. For sure, it will surpass United State’s powerful economy. So my fellow readers, let’s all start searching for a mandarin teacher! 

  2. English

    Although China is kicking-butt, the US is still the leading force in Europe and basically everywhere in the world. I’m sure it’s not difficult to see that. In fact, the US has become the national business language and is so powerful that is even taking over words in different languages

    So if your English is still not up to par, then you better start lessons with us! 

  3. Spanish

    A crazy fact that many don’t know about, but Spanish has the second highest number of native speakers, right behind Mandarin. However, for some reason, in English speaking countries, Spanish is not learned. You can find Spanish native speakers in South America, Central America and Spain. So if you’re looking to do business in any of those places, then learning Spanish is probably a great investment worth considering. Not only that, but knowing Spanish in the US is pretty vital, especially if you need to have an edge in order to attain your dream job. 

Of course, picking a language is not as easy as following my advice. You should do your homework and check which languages are beneficial or useful in the sector you’re planning to work in. Nonetheless, speaking more than one language will open many doors in your private or public life. What’s the language you’re learning?!