Why Should Managers Encourage Employees To Try New Things and How.

Although there are millions of topics one can write in a blog, some are more worthy than others to actually put it into words, right? 

Today, in the blog I wanted to talk about something a bit different than just English. I wanted to talk about something that is related to business - should managers encourage employees to try new things and how can managers implement this. 

Most people, after working for a few years in the same position or company, feel stuck and what’s the best way to get out of that funk? By trying something new! Routines are very easy to fall into and although it makes our lives predictable, it can also makes us unhappy and even depressed at times.

By trying something new, people tend to tackle their fears and ultimately overcome them. By doing that, we become more courageous and confident. Not only that, but we also tend to have a better grasp of who we are. We are able to truly face our shortcomings and strengths. We learn how to address the big, fat, pink elephant in the room. May that be at a workplace or in our private lives. 

Moreover, this concept of someone pushing us into doing something we are not comfortable with, actually helps our brain get a little bit more stimulated which results in an increase in our creativity. Of course, this can be extremely beneficial in any aspect of our lives. This extra push can make one have a different perspective on problems/situations, help us become better communicators, and have more empathy towards one another. The benefits are truly endless. 

How to Implement it
Although most corporations try to somewhat implement this idea by creating “team-outings”, this is not enough. Yes, there are some benefits in team-outings. They are able to show the importance of team work, boost confidence and trust within the team, and helps managers determine where his/her team lacks, such as communication, leadership, etc. However, how many of you know people that absolutely hate team-outings and skip out on them? I already have a hand-full of people in my mind. 

My question is, instead of focusing on the team, should managers encourage individuals to try things on their own? And my answer is YES! 

But how can a managers actually implement this? Certainly they can’t force anyone to do something. The best way to deliver such an idea is by explaining to their team the reasons why this is beneficial for them. As a manager, you have to explain things in a way that helps your team understand the importance of it. Don’t make it into an order, but rather as a life lesson. 

And this is exactly where companies got it wrong. Most companies and even schools try to force these ideas to employees/students. No one likes to be told what to do. And most of us are willing to listen to reason, especially if it comes from someone we look up to and/or respect. 

Managers have various ways to encourage his/her team to try something new. And most would agree that adults love games or challenges. You, as a manager, should know what your team is most susceptible to. Make it fun or challenging and continue to stimulate your team in new ways. At the end of the day, you’ll see results from happier employees to a more healthy atmosphere. Not to mention, a boost in creativity.