Why Is Sticking To Plans So Difficult? 

As you have noticed, I haven’t written on my blog for a while. I can, of course, name a number of excuses from getting a puppy, to traveling, to the holidays. All of which are partially true. But the bottom line is that it’s so difficult for me to stick to writing blog posts each week. Finding the motivation and topics to write about is a difficult task. I sometimes wonder how professional bloggers do it. Do they have a team that simply comes up with topics? Or do they find these topics alone? I assume it’s a combination of the two. 

So after struggling to find a topic to write about, I figured why not write about “sticking to plans”. It goes well with the start of the new year too, since many of us like to have some kind of new year resolutions. Personally speaking, I don’t make resolutions because I believe that you can make changes whenever you’d like. However, I do like to create goals for myself. Some of which I’ve succeeded in but others, I certainly have turned a blind eye and have “forgotten” about - running a half-marathon. This failure to stick to goals/plans made start researching methods to stick to them. Here’s what I learned:

    1. Visualize Yourself Accomplishing It - This is an interesting one because I do this but when I go bouldering. If I can’t finish a route, before going to sleep I go over the route in my mind and that usually helps me tremendously into finishing it. So, when I read this, I was surprised because it’s something that I do but for smaller things. It seems that this kind of visualization would be ideal for someone wanting to accomplish weight loss or some kind of marathon-related sport. Perhaps I should start doing that for my half-marathon that I never accomplished. 

    2. Keep an Eye on Your Goals Regularly - This one I came up with on my own. This is one of my failures and I believe if I were to regularly remind myself of my goals, I would have accomplished all of them. Often, we tend to forget certain goals that we want to accomplish because they are challenging, which is perfectly normal for our brains. Think of it this way: to do lists. Many of us like the scratching out items from our to-do lists, so we usually do the easiest ones first and then move on to the harder ones. It works exactly the same with your yearly goals (at least for me!). 

    3. Hold Yourself Accountable - Another reason many of us don’t accomplish all of our goals is because we don’t hold ourselves accountable. We write our goals on our laptops and never tell anyone about them or look at them again. This makes a perfect scenario for us to not accomplish those goals. So a great way to make sure you complete those goals is by talking to a friend about your goals and asking that person to check on your regularly. This can certainly work if you’re trying to lose weight, become healthier, invest money, etc. So start telling friends about your goals and hopefully they will bug you so much that you won’t have any other choice but to accomplish them! 

    4. Cut Goals Into Smaller Pieces - Get your calendar out and start writing down your goals but in small pieces. If that is to invest $5,000 dollars at the end of the year, then start writing on your calendar your investment goals (for example: save $415 every month). That seems attainable, right?! Rather than at the end of the year scrambling through all your bank accounts, pockets, wallets, etc in order to find those $5,000. 

And most importantly, imagine how accomplished you’ll feel if you do cross off all those goals you established at the end of the year! What are some of your goals?