Are You Ready To Learn A Language?

Learning a new language is no joke. You need to invest not only your precious time, but also money, lots of it. 

I’m fortunate enough to be able to speak with individuals who have been learning English for decades. And you know what? I’m always impressed. Some may think that maybe they’re slow because they should’ve learned English already. But to their defense, not only are they great at English, but they also understand the fact that learning any language is a life-long journey. And as the saying goes: if you don’t use it, you lose it. 

Unfortunately, learning a new language is difficult. You have to put many hours. And if you stop using it, even for a year, you will quickly notice how much you’ll forget.  Having said that, if you understand this and you’re still motivated, then these are the tips I can give to anyone who would like to start this life-long voyage. 

      • Patience - you need lots of it. You won’t see immediately results after a week. It takes years! Learning a language, like I have said earlier, is a never-ending journey. 

      • Motivation - it’s easy to be motivated at the very beginning, but as time passes you need to make sure to keep that motivation going for long periods of time.

      • Money - perhaps when you first embark in this journey, you will buy a couple of books here and there, but eventually you are going to need to buy more advance books, which are more expensive, hire an actual language teacher, which can be expensive, and study for a language exam, which again, is expensive. Think of learning a new language as an investment. Investments are expensive, but at the end, it will pay off.

      • Good sense of humor - there will be plenty of times when you’ll make a mistake or sound “stupid” but you know what, laugh it off! More likely than not, the mistake you make will be funny, sometimes awkward, but people around you will laugh and will understand that you are not a native. So keep it light, don’t stress, and have fun.

      • Seeing the light - if you are not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, you will probably not achieve your goal in learning or improving the language. So remind yourself to always keep your eye on the ball! 

If all these points resonate with you, then you’re ready to plunge into this world of learning a new language! Make the jump and just do it. Don’t look back. At the end, you will not only gain confidence but you will also know that you can accomplish difficult goals. So what language are you going to pick up for 2019?!