Are You Ready To Learn English With A Native Speaker?

Believe it or not, learning with a native speaker is not for everyone, especially if you are a beginner. 

When I moved to Poland in the summer of 2013 I was shocked by the number of people who wanted to learn English with me. Of course, there was a mix of people, from beginners to advanced students. The shocking part was that even beginners wanted to learn with me. Although, I was flattered, I never thought it was a good idea. 

Learning a language is tough. It takes not only a lot of time, but also an endless amount of patience. And who has both those things? Not many of us, however, we are pushed by society to learn another language, especially English. 

I am a believer that if you are an adult (ages 14 or older) you need to have an English teacher who speaks your native language. Why? Well, because at some point we start thinking like adults when learning a language. What does that even mean, you may ask. That means we try to translate everything in our minds into English and that simply doesn’t work. Your native language doesn’t make 100% sense in English and vice versa. 

A teacher that speaks your same language can explain eloquently grammar, expressions, idioms and the list goes on! Once you reach a B1/B2 level that’s the moment when you should start looking for a native English teacher. And finally, you can start the journey of learning slang, training your ear, and getting to know how natives speak. 

But remember, not everyone who you’ll speak to is going to be a native. So don’t neglect people who have accents, you will stumble upon them more often than not. English is a universal language and you have to be able to understand and be understood by the masses. 

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