How to Become Fluent in Any Language

A lot of my students are seeking to become fluent in English and so they ask me. Although there is no right answer, if you follow these steps, it surely will get you closer to that fluency level you are aiming for. 

Find the method you enjoy the most
As I’ve said, over and over again, learning a language is not an easy task. It is extremely difficult and requires lots of patience. So if you are picking up a language or if you’ve been learning a language for many years, try picking a method that you enjoy the most. If you love interacting with others, looking at a grammar book will not help you in the long-term. So the best option would be taking online classes that require you to speak ( 

If you tend to be on the shy side and enjoy doing things on your own, then buy a few books and start chatting with strangers online. I’m going to repeat myself, but find a method that you enjoy. The method doesn’t have to conventional. There are people that have learned a language by looking at books and translating them. Chatting with strangers online. Listening to audio books for children. The sky is the limit! 

Repeat, repeat and repeat
I know this is going to sound crazy, but you have to repeat the material you learn everyday, otherwise, you will not learn it. Try to do your repetitions while you are doing something everyday. For example: while you are seating in the toilet, go over vocabulary words you want to learn :D 

Or set a timer for 10 minutes everyday meant for your repetition of words, expressions, etc. That way whatever you are trying to learn will remain in your long-term memory. 

Create a system
This is another crazy idea - create a system or a routine. That can be waking up 10 minutes earlier to practice whatever you want to learn. Or listening to a podcast while you’re commuting to work/school. During your lunch break watch YouTube videos on learning English. Anything you have available use and make it into a habit. 

Be patient
Of course, this is a given, right? Be patient! Learning any language takes lots of time (except if you’re a 3 year old). I know it’s specially frustrating when you’re first starting a language and you’re making great leaps in your learning, when suddenly you hit a wall. And it seems as if you’re not making any progress at all. It’s normal. You just need to find new ways to challenge yourself. But if you keep doing all the things listed above, you will become fluent. 

Any other tips you think I should’ve included?