American Edition: Top 5 Favorite American Idioms

Lots of people want to speak English fluently, but they’re missing one key ingredient - idioms. 

As we mentioned in our last blog post, Top 5 Favorite British Idioms, idioms are indispensable to any language. They are able to exude the essence of a country’s culture, traditions and history; in this case - the United States. 

Below are the top 5 most popular American idioms that you’ll hear left and right on the streets, TV or simply while on vacation.

  1. Up in the air - when something is uncertain.
    So are you moving to Paris this Fall?”
    “Not really, everything is up in the air still. I first need to hear whether I got the job” 
  2. Beating a dead horse - when you continue to talk about something that has no effect on the outcome.
    “John keeps applying for Google, but I think he’s beating a dead horse”
  3. To stab someone in the back - when you hurt someone close to you by either lying to them or deceiving them in any way.
    “Did you hear what Jane did to John?”
    “no, what happened?”
    “Jane stabbed John in back by cheating on him”

    “oh no, I can’t believe it! I thought they were the perfect couple!”
  4. Sit tight! - when you need to wait penitently for something or not do something until you are told so.
    “I wonder whether we got the house!”
    “Well, we’ll have to sit tight until the end of the week for the results” 
  5. Bite off more than you can chew - when you have taken up too much work/responsibilities/etc.
    “Jen usually takes 10 projects per month, but this month she bit off more than she could chew by taking 20 projects for this month”

Of course, there are way more idioms in English but these are just some of my favorite. Want to share yours?