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I learned English 20 years ago in high school. Now, I have been taking lessons with Valeria. It's been almost 3 or 4 years since taking lessons and my confidence in speaking English with Americans has improved. At first, I barely was able to understand them and now the conversations flow. During the lessons you can talk about everyday topics, but not only that,  Valeria's economic and marketing education definitely increases the number of topics I want to talk about. 

I strongly recommend her lessons to those who want to practice conversations with Americans and use the skills acquired in their work.


I already have had about 10 online classes (Skype). I wanted to improve my freedom of expression, and I already see the first effects. Talking to a Native Speaker is probably the best way to "break through". Lessons are very friendly and the teachers are very open. Each class touches a topic that I am interesting in and time passes quickly. I highly recommend this form of classes!


Hello, I have had more than a dozen lessons with Valeria, my goal was to gain the language and freedom to speak English. This is the first time  I have managed to achieve this properly and just  after a few meetings with Valeria and now, we are working on learning new vocabulary. Thanks to her open minded, nice personality and willingness to help, learning English is a real pleasure! I sincerely recommend learning with Valeria, thanks to which you can learn English in a fun and easy way, while always discussing  many interesting topics!


Very nice and interesting conversations that  help you streamline the way you speak, extend your vocabulary and make use of the English language with  no problems. Language schools that I have attended before did not give me as much time talking to a native speaker or topics that I was interested in. In addition, Skype conversations are ideal for anyone who does not have much free time.

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